Fit to Fly Certificate

Due to new measures which have been introduced to keep travelers safe, it is now likely that you will be asked to provide a negative PCR Swab Test for COVID-19, before you are able to board your flight.

For more information on regulations for the Country you are visiting see here.

Antigen Test

The antigen test is used to test for an active infection of COVID-19.  It involves a simple swab of the nose/throat which will be sent to our accredited lab for PCR testing.

The antigen test is also known as the PCR test.  The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test is a laboratory test which will detect the presence of COVID-19 viral RNA from the swab sample taken from your nose/throat.  It is the most effective of the antigen tests available.

Step One

Step One

Book Your Test

Simply book your test via our website, by choosing either the home test option or our in clinic option.

If you need any help please call us on 0141 221 2496 and our friendly staff can help get you booked in.

Step Two

Step Two

Swab Test

If you opt for our in clinic option, our resident GP will take a swab from the back of your throat and nasal package. 

If you choose the home test you will take the swab yourself following the instructions in the test package.

Step Three

Step Three

Laboratory Processing

Your sample will be sent to our fully acctredited laboratory for PCR testing where they will provide either a positve or negative COVID result.

Step Four

Step Four

Receiving Your Results

You will receive your results via email within 12 -48 hours.  If your result is negative you will receive your fit to fly certificate.  If your results are positive you must follow the government guidance.  Your details will be sent to relevant Track and Trace authorities for contact tracing.

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