COVID-19 Antibody Test

When your body fights an infection it produces antibodies as an immune respone.  These antibodies stay in the blood which is collected and tested to check if you have had a previous coronavirus infection.

It is important to keep in mind that COVID-19 is a novel virus so new information is alway emerging on the virus itself and how the body responds to it.  It is currently unknown if having antibodies stops you getting the virus again.



Antibody Test

The antibody test does not tell you if you have an active infection of COVID-19, but instead if you have had a previous infection.  If you have had symptoms this test should be carried out a minumum of 20 days since your symptoms occured.

If you receive a positive result showing that you have antibodies for COVID-19 it means that you have previously had coronavirus.  It does not mean that you can not contract the virus again.  You must still follow all of the government guidance to protect yourself and others.

Step One

Step One

Book Your Test

Simply book your test via our website by clicking on the book your test button below.

 If you need any help our please call us on 0141 221 2496 and our friendly staff can help get your booked in.

Step Two

Step Two

Blood Test

You will attend our clinic at your selected appointment time, where our GP will draw some blood.  

This is a quick and safe procedure that will only take 5 minutes.

Step Three

Step Three

Laboratory Processing

Your sample will be sent to out fully accredited laboratory for testing where they will let you know if you have COVID-19 antibodies or not.

Step Four

Step Four

Receiving Your Results

You will receive your results via email within 48 hours.  

It is important that you recognise that this test does not give results for an active infection of COVID-19. 

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