Covid-19 has stopped plans for everyone around the world. The same goes for those who had been planning on traveling abroad. With flight services disrupted all over the world, it has become difficult to continue with travel plans. As a result, many steps are being taken for safety purposes. For the past few months, getting a fit to fly certificate has become a necessity to be able to travel abroad.

Facilities like are offering services to people planning to get tested before travel. Since this is a new term, many are not familiar with it. In this piece, we will answer all your questions about the fit to fly certificate UK.

What is a Fit to Fly Certificate?

A fit to fly certificate is a letter signed by a doctor registered with the General Medical council and stamped by a clinic accredited with the Care Quality Commission. The letter confirms that you tested negative for Covid-19 and are fit to fly and travel abroad. While fit to fly certificate is a necessity almost everywhere, there are exceptions. Some countries also consider the laboratory report enough that state that you don’t have Covid-19.

How to Get a Fit to Fly Certificate?

Time matters the most in getting a fit to fly certificate. Depending on the destination, the certificate requirements vary. Some destinations require the certificate within 96 hours of departure and some need it 48 hours before arrival. You must check with the airlines first to plan your test accordingly. Once that is clear, you can get a PCR Swab Test done where a throat or nasal swab is taken and sent for RNA analysis to establish if you have an active Covid-19 infection.

What if You Test Negative?

If your PCR Swab Test shows negative results then you will receive your fit to fly certificate UK that you can show to your airline and resume your plans to travel abroad. However, please keep in mind that the results mean you were negative at the time the test was taken. You are still prone to contracting the Covid-19 infection. It is advised to take the utmost precaution while traveling.

What if You Test Positive?

You are needed to consent to the NHS track and trace service in case you test positive for Covid-19. You are then required to map out and inform everyone you have been in contact with for the last 7 days. You will also be required to practice self-isolation immediately.

How and Where do You go to Get Your Test Done?

At Fit to Fly Certificate, the process is simple. You book an appointment on the online booking system. You can also call us on 0141 221 2496 or mail us at [email protected]. An experienced doctor will take the throat or nasal swab and the sample will be sent to UKAS accredited lab for results. Within 12-24 hours, the results will be out and if you test negative, then the fit to fly certificate UK will be given to you.

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